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Hi I need your help, its becoming apparent that many small museums in the UK, not just car related, are closing rapidly.

These are small collections or wonderful objects from our heritage that just cannot afford to stay open due to property costs, staff and marketing. I am trying to build an association quickly to act on behalf of these museums to gain support, general awareness and boost their visitor numbers this summer.

Some of these museums either have not grasped social media or just do not have the funds to pay for such exposure. I want to build a virtual location, like our facebook page , where visitors can easily find and then see the fabulous array of winderful museums thaey can visit.

Can you do the following:

Please visit the page and give us a LIKE

Add or tell the owners of your favourite small museums to come along and post their Museum details ; Name, Location, opening times, link to the web site. Do not just put a link without a name and  explanation of the museum otherwise likelihood is viewers will just pass it by.

If you feel you can help me or someone you know might be interested to help me please get in touch, I need to “blast” this across all of social media very quickly to build up the momentum.

Unfortunately I am not a millionaire and cannot spend lots on advertising or put a crack team in place to further this cause but a believe a lot of us with a similar passion for these collections / museums etc could spread the word.

It will be a shame to lose so much UK history and Heritage, help if you can, thank you.