Hi Adam what’s this website all about? And why the silly name?

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Hi Adam what’s this website all about? And why the silly name?

Old Style TelephoneTheres no sensible place to start my explanation only that certain things have always interested me.
Cars have been with me since the age of 10 really, models mainly until I was 14 years old when I thought I would build a Jago based Ford Pop anyway without boring you through my 50+ car history I’m still into them, along with property, beer, World War Two history and a few others.

The name comes from those super films of the sixties when very well to do ladies would receive a phone call from a black table top handset and politely state “kensington five6 five6”, I love the simplicity that such a short description could only mean it was her telephone number in the whole world!

In the last five years I have met several people who also have the same similar interests, there all good guys & time spent with them is always fun & fulfilling so I started to think there must be more people locally who might want to read about such things, maybe meet for an evening drink, hook up at the Goodwood Revival or Breakfast club.
My second thought, as normally with me; can I run this somehow as a business too, can I grow this in the long term to something I could operate full time? After all going to work with a smile on your face has to be one of your working life goals, normally reserved for the likes of Bacon roll tasters, Ferrari test drivers, swim wear model photographers ( risky comment, I know) etc. As I have been an estate agent ( stay with me here) selling mainly outside the UK I started to think of property & what type might appeal to the readers of this website, so as time goes on I will endeavour to offer property that reflects a certain lifestyle, something that would enhance a hobby maybe? So homes with a large area for car storage or maybe enough land for an airstrip or model railway layout. The thought of contacting every estate agent over a few counties for something specific would take a while so if this website could be the focal point for such unique properties I think it would help. There is a more concise explanation of the property side of this business HERE.
Hopefully we can get some interesting people to also contribute to, telling us there stories or keeping us updated regularly from a different corner of the country or the globe, no restrictions here!
You will also Automemorabilia on the website both for sale & as a feature, petrol pumps, oil cans, enamel signs from years gone by will all feature, some WW II items will be displayed too, all from a good friend of mine who happens to be an expert on the subject.
The car section will be a mixture of For Sale & Wanted, established & trusted dealers of classic and sports car, people’s car collections & anything else worth mentioning! Go to CARS section
Although some of the website will be locally focused around the West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire area please dont think you can’t get involved.
If you like even the tiniest bit of this idea please do subscribe as it will offer more in the coming months & years, subscription will be free.
Those of you that are fans of Facebook, Twitter & blogs will be pleasured in the coming months as I endeavour to get pages and subscriptions sorted on those. If this website does nothing more than make a few like minded people smile and read see something of interest it would have done its job, I hope it will grow naturally through people s contribution, participation and interest.
I have lots of ideas formulating for how the website could expand but still keeping to the basic subjects, any ideas, comments, offers of investment! are all welcome and contact me on this form. Contact Adam.
And its goodnight from me.

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